Internet Teaching Tools for Language Arts and Reading

This presentation will explore free, on-line teaching tools geared towards language arts and reading teachers. Several tools with teaching strategies will be highlighted.  We will review different strategies to enhance teaching and see examples of various educational language arts sites and ways to use them.  The Internet is a rich resource for teachers, but locating very specific examples and how to use them can be time-consuming.  So, we have culled the Internet for the best material to be used in the classroom.

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Activity Suggestion

Web Site


Jan Brett’s web page is full of neat stuff.

Eric Carle’s web site


This is a dictionary with simple definitions and links to more information.


This is a new on-line magazine designed to foster love of reading and writing. It accepts submissions from students.

Grammar Activities

Virtual Alphabet

This is Schoolhouse Rock.

These are madlibs.

Large Language Arts Sites

The English Zone provides on-line activities.

Kathy Schrock’s Literature and Language Arts guide is full of links to good resources.

On-line Literature Collections

Children’s Literature Web Guide is the premier literature site on the Internet devoted to children.

Stories and more found here.

On-line Media Center

This is the Internet Public Library. Go into the Youth Division to see a well- organized collection of material for students. They also have a good reference collection.


This is a play called, “The Legend of Lightning Larry.”


This is a collection of poems by Kenn Nesbitt. Scroll down and check out The Funny Forty.

Research Tools

This is a collection of search tools for young students.


This is Webster's Thesaurus.

This is a collection of on-line research resources.

Writing Projects

This is Monster Exchange, an on-line project.

This is a form for posting stories on-line. It is from Candlelight Stories.

This is a student-created page for writing.

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Activity Suggestion

Web Site


This dictionary contains biographical information on over 18,000 people from ancient times to the present day. These are the notable men and women who have shaped our world. Information contained in the dictionary includes birth and death years, professions, positions held, literary and artistic works, awards, and other achievements.  
These on-line lessons explain what a biography should be and shows the student how to write their own


Civil War Times

Parents and Children Online Together

Fairy Tales

Tales of Wonder- A good site tying social studies with language arts, it consists of a matrix of links to tales from other nations and from Native Americans. A resource for teachers or students.


A game that helps the student identify the parts of speech at the beginner and advanced level.

The LinguaCenter Grammar Safari provides activities

for students to "hunt" and "collect" examples of specific words as they are found in documents on the Internet. One assignment involves a safari journal. A list of resources to use in a safari are also available for the teacher.

On-line reference resource for students. Study the rules and definitions and strengthen your skills. Offline practice and answers provided.

Online Authors

Links for Authors and Illustrators online



The Author Corner provides links to information on a wide variety of authors. Great place for students to find out about authors whose books they are reading.

Online Literature

University of Memphis- E Books


Anne Frank House, a very moving and easily navigable site filled with historical annotations, pictures, and documentation from the Diary of Anne Frank. This is a good place to start research on the Holocaust or to supplement current language arts and social studies material.

Online Media Centers

Internet Public Library Teen Section


Midlink Online Magazine

Reference Material

Guide to Grammar and Writing


Vocabulary University- interactive vocabulary games for the elementary, middle and high school levels that teach vocabulary skills and give immediate correct responses to incorrect answer submissions.


The Five Paragraph Essay, a step-by-step guide to writing a five-paragraph essay. Great resource for teachers and students.

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Activity Suggestion

Web Site

American Author Websites


Maya Angelou
Willa Cather
E.E. Cummings
Emily Dickinson
Frederick Douglass

Current Events

A clearinghouse for news and resource sites available in subject area or timeline format. It is separated into Teacher & Student divisions and covers: news, homework help, a game room, and a multimedia library for new and archived audio/video clips.


Superteach offers grammar, mechanics, and writing help and advice. It also has exercises to do along with answer keys.

Resource for teachers and students that provides information regarding sentence parts, clauses, paragraph unity, etc. Excellent source.


Web page for Charles Dickens that provides information and links to studies of the man and his works.


Neat site with information about gods and heroes in Greek mythology. Also includes teacher resource page with lesson/project ideas. There is also an encyclopedia.

Reference Material
Provides study questions for teachers and students On plays by Shakespeare . The author of the site gives permission to use the questions as long as you say that he is the author.


Research, Study Skills, Teaching Tools:

Full texts of many works of classical and popular fiction. One of the best parts of this site is the section on American Literature. This site also has A BIOGRAPHICAL HISTORY OF ENGLISH LITERATURE and BREWER'S READER'S HANDBOOK. (You can search the handbook and find literary references and explanations.)


Resource provides tips for public speaking and a link to famous speeches.


Site provides links to interactive crossword puzzles and word searches.


Step-by-step guide for students to develop a newspaper electronically through the use of the computer.

Purdue University Online Writing Lab.  Handouts on writing, planning, and genres.

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